Everyone who works around cranes and rigging benefits by:

  • Working to develop national quality standards for the training and qualification process of crane operators and those who perform rigging activities. This is being accomplished on the national levels in the US and Canada via consensus standard committees, and on state levels, through local organizations.

  • Performing a training and certifications Program Quality Verification, which reviews developed programs prepared by professional and corporate training and certification groups.
  • Providing up-to-date information through national meetings, newsletters and inter-association communication briefs. This relevant and timely information will support better decisions as to what is really necessary for training and what may not be necessary.

Employers who support their people with membership through ACRP benefit by:

  • Having a voice in the development of standards and regulations effecting the industry which helps determine the lifting safety within their own organization.
  • Acquiring effective training procedures which can eliminate redundant efforts, reduce employee time away from performing work, and reduce risk management costs.
  • Gaining timely knowledge of pending and effective changes to the National, State or Provincial regulations.
  • Having better trained employees. Great emphasis is placed on the continuing education of ACRP members. Specific relevant training is conducted at every meeting, along with practical education in an industrial setting for members who attend the national meetings.
  • Gaining new techniques in providing superior quality crane and rigging training.

The Individual member benefits by:

  • Gaining new understanding of effective training techniques. Sessions at meeting provide the latest methods in the development and delivery of technical information.
  • Having a forum to represent their personal and company’s view on crane safety, operator certification, material inspection requirements and any other issues of the day.

  • Meeting experts in technical industry areas which directly pertain to their daily lifting activities. These acquaintances can be tapped for any needed information or assistance during daily operations.