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May 25, 2021 @ 2:00 p.m. EDT
Michael Mills, Liberty Mutual
During the presentation we will review the different regulations and standards for general industry and construction and how this may apply to the safe inspection, maintenance and operations of cranes. We will discussion basic fall protection fall protection requirements as well as more complex systems such as fall arrest, fall restraint and horizontal lifelines.

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June 8, 2021 @ 2:00 p.m. EDT
Craig Millis, Verton and Mark Filippelli, The Crosby Group
Verton has developed the world’s first remote- controlled load-management system.

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June 15, 2021 @ 2:00 p.m. EDT
Rob Scherbarth, ACRP General Assembly Chairman
Open to any and all crane/rigging/training topics/questions AND suggestions for the Planning Committees to plan webinars and assembly’s according to membership suggestions.

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June 22, 2021 @ 2:00 p.m. EDT
Dave Duerr P.E., 2DM Associates
This talk will present a general overview of the planning and execution of lifts using telescopic hydraulic gantry systems. Topics covered will include equipment basics, lift engineering, applicable industry standards and guides, and a few common sense pointers.

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July 13, 2021 @ 2:00 p.m. EDT
Dave Decker, Beckett Training & Consulting

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Previous Webinar Topics

Presenter: Ron Kohner, P.E., Landmark Engineering Services
May 11, 2021 @ 2:00 p.m. EDT

Presenter: Paul Sweeney, P.E., Riverside Engineering
April 20, 2021 at 2pm EST

Presented by: JP Biondo, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Published on: March 23, 2021

This presentation will go through the critical steps in planning a material handling task whether it be a simple job involving mechanical material handling equipment, a job involving a powered industrial truck, a jack and roll type job or a job requiring an overhead or mobile crane. A successful project requires detailed planning starting as soon as the need for material handling is identified and we will go through that process from start to finish as we do at a Department of Energy Laboratory. We have found that in the majority of the material handling events we have had at DOE Labs, there were almost always issues with the planning that could have prevented the event.

Presented by: Bradley D. Closson, CRAFT Forensic Services
Published on: February 16, 2021

The session will present basic wind hazard considerations for material handling operations together with basic calculation approaches that can be used to support handling operation planning activities.

Presented by: Mike Riggs, RiggSafe Solutions
Published on: February 2, 2021

This presentation will teach the participant to how to identify each sling’s share of load activity. Being able to visually identify sling loading activity opens several new doors on how to resolve sling loading issues and an understanding to load movement as it relates to the load’s center of gravity.

Presented by: Ron Kief, Cianbro
Published on: January 12, 2021

This presentation shows the demolition/erection of two 440 ft tall transmission towers on the James River in Virginia. A Manitowoc MLC650 with 459 ft of boom was mobilized on a Poseidon modular barge to perform the project, a first for this Variable Position Counterweight Crane.

Presented by: B. Brookes Bacon, Tennessee Valley Authority
Published on: January 19, 2021

What items should I consider when looking to upgrade an obsoleted overhead crane controls system? The topics considered will discuss everything from continuing to use an obsoleted system, all the way to upgrading to an enhanced safety system.

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